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Reusable Tampon Applicator

Reusable product created to reduce the large amount of waste caused by plastic applicators. We use a plastic applicator for 3 seconds and it takes 300 years to degrade.

  • It offers a durability of up to 4 years (1,800 uses) and is easy to take anywhere.

  • Made with medical grade materials.

  • Allows smooth and easy insertion of the tampon.

  • Simple use: charge, use, clean and dry.

  • Discreet, ideal to take everywhere.

  • Specially designed for use with Cottonlock™ digital tampons. These tampons have an absorbent core wrapped 360° with a special safety veil of organic cotton with patented Cottonlock™ technology, which prevents fiber remains inside.

  • Reduces environmental impact.

  • Available in two sizes:

    • PINK for use with Regular and Super tampons

    • LILAC to use with Súper and Súper Plus tampons.

  • Package includes: 1 case + individual case + 1 reusable applicator + tampons.


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